Are Getting Married

3rd SEPTEMBER, 2021



You've changed my life
from a blink of the eye,
The feeling in this heart
of mine I cannot deny.

You've made each day one

I'll never forget,

Everything we go through

I will never regret.

You've touched my heart

in such short time,

All I want to say, I'll love you

for a whole lifetime.

The day I met you,

I forgot the color blue.

For my life was a flush,

with hues and shades so plush.

With a rich palette,

the tint of my life was set.

You made my life a rainbow,

Why I love you, now you know.

No end,

No darkness,

No tears,

No regrets,

No wounds,

When we are together.




3rd September 2021

10:00 AM Manila Time


Cannot disclose the place due to this pandemic.
Hope you all understand



Marice and I, have been together for quite some time now (6 years and still counting) and throughout the years we have been able to build our own little happy place. Though we appreciate gifts on our wedding day, but we do not want to trouble you with the hassle of thinking of what to give us on our special day. We would appreciate it, if it'll be a monetary gift. This is will greatly aid us in starting a better home for our family.